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will be over. >> and with those words president obama declares the rest of the u.s. troops in iraq will be home by the end of the year. >> more than a million americans have served there in this time. 39,000 remain in iraq today. >> more than 4400 americans have died in the effort that has cost the united states about a trillion dollars. gary nuremberg has details of president's announcement earlier this afternoon. >>> whether they were originally for or against the war, this is a day that many americans have been waiting for years. the announcement comes one year from the closing days of next year's presidential campaign and there is no way that an announcement this momentous can be divorced from the politics of that. and it was presented off the top as a campaign promise kept. >> as a candidate for president i pledged to bring the war in iraq to a responsible end. >> challenged immediately by gop presidential candidate mitt romney whose statement said president obama's astonishing failure to secure an orderly transition in iraq has unnecessarily put at risk the victories that were won through
of protesters are marking on the u.s. chambers of commerce and promise to occupy freedom plaza on pennsylvania avenue. they say they will not leave until there are more jobs, less corporate greed, and an end to the wars and more taxes on the rich. bruce leshan is live for us at freedom plaza where they will continue. that's quite a list of demands. >> reporter: no kidding, andrea. a big big goal. the marchers, they have just returned here to freedom plaza after marching on the headquarters of the u.s. chambers of commerce. and they took resumes, demanding jobs, hoping to turn on its head, the chamber suggestions here that the white house, they are to be blamed for unemployment. and some of the protesters, they are blaming both sides for failing to pass a big new job factor. >> it's like we need to light it up. >> their chance to reshape the political and financial systems, to help the 99% of americans they think that have been dispossessed. by the power structure, they favor the rich and the big corporations. >> we are going to non- violently going to interfere with the work of the chambers of
been in the courtroom all day. she joins us live from rockville. >> reporter: the first little boy who testified was so small when he sat in the witness box that a juror had to ask that a pitcher of watter and a stack of paper cups in front of him be removed so that his face could be seen. he was the first of four children to testify today. the trial of 36-year-old susan burke took a compelling turn as some of her former green castle elementary school students testified that she choked, punched, and scratched them. the first child to take the stand was a seven-year-old boy who described what his teacher allegedly did when she got angry. the prosecutor asked, what happened when you weren't listening? the boy replied, she put her hands around our necks. the prosecutor, how did it feel? not good. the boy's mother took the stand as well and described the change in her son. she testified he had nightmares. he was scared to sleep by himself. he would jump when we touched him. he told me he didn't want to go to school. it was also a day the defense tried to poke holes in the testimony of the
with the manufactures of the war machines. >> they chanted outside a trade show for the u.s. army, pushing into a tent run by defense contractor, bae. >> if you want to see the military complex eating lunch right here, here it is. >> iraq and afghanistan vets out on cigarette breaks just watched. >> i support their freedom of speech, because that's what i'm here for. we have no money for healthcare. we have no money for anything except for war machine. it's really time to stop. >> but two people running booths inside did not want to hear it. >> for freedom to kill -- >> most of the protesters say they are not going anywhere. >> i'm not leaving. >> you're not leaving if the police come? >> they arrest me, i'm coming back out and i'll still be here. >> now the spokesman for the park police is usually among the most responsive spokes people in the entire region. not returning phone calls. not returning other reporter's phone calls. same with the chief, she's not returning phone calls either. we can only speculate they are trying to figure out what to say and what to do. derek. >> unique situa
killer, brittany norwood. >> she is charged in the murder of her coworker, jayna murray. she joins us live and there are details of an unusual day, andrea. >> very unusual. it has been a pain staking day of jury selection. 300 prospective jurors reported for duty here at the circuit courthouse in montgomery county this morning. we know of only six who have gone home for the rest of this trial. joining me now is jim shallock who is a defense attorney and best known as a prosecutor in new york. thank you so much for being with us. it is indeed an extraordinary day in your experience as well. >> pain staking is a perfect word. this is the most important part of the case. to make sure the defendant and the people of maryland get a fair jury and judge greenburgh is to be congratulated. each juror in his chambers that responded to certain questions that he was concerned about. >> and just to clarify, the jury pool was broken -- started with 300. was broken into two groups of 150. that initial group still has not been processed completely and jim and i heard some interesting tidbits toda
denying the accusation. it says the u.s. is just trying to distract us from our economic troubles. bruce leshan is here with the latest on this. >> reporter: anita and derek, if true this is a big time, big time escalation for iran. a plot right here on american soil. at the saudi ambassador's favorite georgetown restaurant, anger and disbelief. >> it's an awful attempt and i'm glad that the saudi ambassador is safe. >> reporter: prosecutors say this man, iranian american manssor arbabsiar blotted with a -- plotted to take out saudi ambassador adel al-jubeir with c 4 explosive. they want the job done he allegedly told an informant if 100 go with them. expletive them. the bombing was allegedly planned for a washington restaurant and while prosecutors declined to say which one, al-jubeir eats at cafe mill la know as often as twice a week. >> really brilliant guy. >> the fact that iran would be willing to attack in the united states is a significant step and provocative step on the part of iran and one that the u.s. just can't ignore. >> reporter: the u.s. has just frozen the assets of the
he was in the hospital but died just before midnight. relatives tell us it was less than a month before his first birthday. >> unresponsive child to now a suspicious death. >> i never knew there were any young children there, babies like that. >> no stroller, no car seats, no sign of a baby in. >> no. i didn't know it. they never mentioned a baby. >> reporter: the baby's body is undergoing an autopsy at the d.c. medical examiner's office. police say they have no one in custody, no suspects yet. they are interviewing many people in this case. we are live in vienna. i'm britany morehouse. 9news now. >> thank you. derek? >>> anita, surprise new republican front runner was in town today. herman cain. he was taking swipes at occupy wall street protestors. out signing books today at the costco in arlington just one of day after a nationwide poll of likely republican voters put him ahead of mitt romney by a stunning 20 points. now, scott broom was out there with the candidate today and he says it is not just that they don't like romney. he thinks he is the man now. >> but it is a big hu
. a cell phone he didn't know how to use, but had gps tracking software and he keeps in a backpack. back when all this happened on september 22. >> through a gps tracker. >> bernie doyle has it all on his laptop. a four hour detour to nowhere for rory doyle. a disabled young man who functions at the level of a five to seven-year-old. >> rory attends programs for disabled adults and uses metro access. on this day, metro ac access called a regency ran cab to cover the route. >> probably 30 miles out of the day. >> rory's tracking software shows a trip that went from gaithersburg all the way around the beltway to andrew's air force base, then down to lafont plaza and four hours later did the driver take rory home. >> i considered dialing 911 and having police arrest the cab driver. >> more much of the trip, he was on the phone with metro access dispatchers and supervisors, begging for answers and getting nowhere. >> i had to take him upstairs to the bathroom and make sure nothing criminal had happened. >> we launched a criminal investigation. >> metro is looking into it and promi
states soil. >> 56-year-old monsor, a naturalized u.s. citizen allegedly met several times with a man in mexico. he thought was an assassin for an international drug trafficking cartel. instead, it was a confidential source, working with the drug enforcement administration. >> holding them accountable for their alleged role in this plot, the united states is committed to holding iran accountable for its actions. >> reporter: the second defendant is still at large. he is an iranian citizen and a member of iran's islamic revolutionary guard. a group believed to promote and sponsor terrorist activities abroad. we are live outside the saudi embassy in northwest washington, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> alleged terrorists doing surveillance on the ambassador? >> well, according to the criminal complaint, you're right. the defendants were allegedly surveilling the ambassador to the united states while he was in the washington area. and one of the methods of assassination that was discussed was an alleged plot to bomb a d.c. area restaurant. when asked, the defendant was talking to what
leads, and information that detectives have that brought us here. >> reporter: lopez is not talking. he has hired a lawyer in charlotte, but the lawyer is not talking either. but none of william's friends say they have seen him him in more than two weeks. and the montgomery county attorney says that is a bad sign. >> do we hope he is alive? absolutely. are we realistic in the passage of time? it is not a good thing. >> reporter: friends still hold the faintest hope. >> if anybody out there can help the police, please come forward and help them. he was a beautiful little boy. and she was a beautiful person. beating and stabbed to death, she didn't deserve that. >> reporter: over the years, prosecutors around the country have had to make hundreds of murder cases without a victim's body. the more time that goes by with no sign of william, the more they are going to have to consider that here. anita? >>> bruce, let's hope there are some changes. thank you so much. >>> gary giardano has failed his latest bid to get out of a jail in a ruby aabout. police are investigating -- in aruba. this is
. >>> the storm rolling so early in the season it could be especially painful for some of us. bruce leshan is live in hagerstown which could be particularly hard hit. bruce, why? >> reporter: yes, the police and fire radios have been blaring warnings all afternoon. as much as 8 inches of heavy, wet snow all across this area. and one of the big concerns even much closer in is the trees. a lot of the leaves are still on them and these leaves can cut that heavy, wet snow, breaking branches even whole trees driving them right down into power lines. the rain now as the cold air is coming in changing over to snow. >> reporter: this is the same storm that already roared through denver knocking down trees and cutting off power to thousands of homes. >> all i regret is i can't get anything done. >> reporter: this is the time of year when we are supposed to be clearing leaves not snow. >> the snow storm in october is not what it is supposed to do. so that's going to probably cause a few issues. >> reporter: this arborist saying heavy wet snow will collect on the autumn leaves still attached to branches and
with knox in the u.s. cbs news, italy. >> and this is a live lock at that jail in italy where we are expecting amanda knox to walk out of there any time. her co-defendant was also careered of those -- cleared of those charges, but they upheld their slander conviction for carrying out the killing, saying that is the time served. >>> a tragic blow to the amish community in southern ireland. a 12-year-old girl was killed when the horse and buggy she was riding in was hit by a car. it happened in charlotte hill. our can kristin fisher spent the day in the community, joining us live with more. kristin? >> reporter: bruce, this is a very busy intersection, but one what we're used to seeing the amish buggies. this particular one was parked mind me on oak grove and they tried toes cross the intersection when the lite turned green -- tried to cross the intersection when the light turned green. that's when they were hit. a 12-year-old girl killed instantly. >> a 12-year-old, a nice little girl. >> this man is 12-year-old's great uncle. he would not let us show his face because he is amish.
brittany norwood. our andrea mccarren is joining us live with exactly what happened in court today. andrea? >> reporter: what a day it was. opening statements were breath taking before a packed courtroom. the prosecution showed some very graphic photographs of the crime scene and jayna murray's autopsy. the state's attorney john mcarthy disclosed murray suffered 322 distinct identifiable injuries including 107 defensive wounds. that is the most the medical examiner in the state of maryland has ever seen. joining me live now is our legal analyst. what did you make of today's proceedings? >> stunning. the government painted a picture of a premeditated savage slaughter. this woman was slaughtered by the defendant. it was stunning. >> i have never seen such a description of a crime scene as well, jim. six to eight different weapons in lululemon. the athletica store allegedly used in the commission of this crime. jayna murray's body found with a rope around her neck. >> savage. bruteal. i mean, it was stung. and the fact she had a rope around her neck, over 300 wounds, it was just unbe
most of us they have got bills to pay and they prefer to do it through honest work. >>> a tornado did touch down last night near quantico. this video was submitted on our facebook page. debris blowing across i-95. fortunately nobody on the road was hurt. no confirmation yet if a tornado touched down in louisa county as well. a lot of trees came down in vienna. this is video shot this afternoon from hunter mill road and wickens road. a large trampoline was whipped across a fence. topper, things looking nicer out there. let's go to you. >> much, much calmer. one thing i want to talk about tonight is we have winds. i want to show you the storm report. we have wind damage the last 4 hours and we do have one tornado, a possible tornado south of dale city and possible tornado in fairfax county. wind damage. a possible tornado. much quieter tonight. cold front through. we are in great shape, actually, for high school football. except for the wind. you've got to kick a winning field goal in the wind tonight. it will be tough. winds gusting 18 miles per hour downtown but a 38-mile-per-hour win
in -- the u.s. also participated in the bombing when it began. >> libyan people have a responsibility to build an exclusive and democratic libya that stands as the ultimate review to gadhafi's dictatorship. >> reporter: they still need to deal with fighters that remain loyal, but they see an easier path to the future. he also called on the libyans to work with the international community to help secure the country's future. at the white house, anita, back to you. >> all right, thank you. and now the government says that his son and the parents, they are in the hospital after revolutionary people wounded and captured him. lesli? >> reporter: why was gadhafi so hated? well here is a quick timeline of the most or some of the most known crimes he's been accused of. we start in december of 1985 and almost simultaneous attacks, terrorists, walk of the airport in rome and vienna and opened fire throwing grenades. 19 people killed including four americans and many more were injured. president reagan says there is evidence that gadhafi was involved. in april of 1986, libyan agents were accused of bombi
here has fallen into tough times. and depends on the ax food pantry. >> it's a blessing to us. it's really a blessing to us. come here often and it's a blessing. >> each family also gets at least one main bag of food, which is now bigger than before and includes more protein than in the bags they were giving out before they had to close. however, the milk and eggs are already gone. >> it's not a badge you wear. you don't know who is hungry in your community, but people come in every day that need groceries said it's not something that is a holiday problem. we are here 365 days a year feeding people and without the support of the community, we can't do that. >> now most businesses close around 5:00, not the ax food pantry. they handed out food from 1:30 to 3:30. now they are regrouping and getting those bags rolling again. they used to close, but they realize people were calling in sick for work to get the food they needed. so now on tuesdays, they reopen again around 5:00 and give out food to those people who will come in in just a little bi
an elaborate coverup. andrea mccarren is joining us live with more. the details just coming out through twitter have been captivating. >> reporter: lesli and derek, the courtroom absolutely fell silent as the jury listened to an audiotape of brittany norwood's first interview at suburban hospital. she told a story of two men that sexually assaulted her and murray. in a quiet voice, muffled by snivels, norwood asked the detective about jayna murray. can you tell me how my friend is doing, she asks? her interview soon after she was brought to suburban hospital was vivid, violent. she said her attacker told me if he heard another word he would slit my throat. as far as murray, he drug her by the hair and repeatedly hitting her and she was screaming and i couldn't do anything. she also raised a racial almost saying the two masked attackers sounded white and the man assaulted her repeatedly used racial slurs. the jury also saw photographs of norwood soon after her hospital arrival. a 1 to 2-inch cut on her hand and minor scratches on her abdomen and thighs. black stretch pants with the crotch cut ou
in manassas. our kristin fisher shows us what happened. >> you would think that a dog in the window would be enough to stop a home intruder or maybe the national rifle association sticker. but no, in this case, it took a dangerous instrument. an acoustic guitar. >> she was right in the middle of the intersection. just waving his arms around. >> this is sean. the 29-year-old was walking to the front door of his manassas home early saturday morning when he was attacked by a drunk man. >> he tries to fight me in the front yard and he tries to push me into the house and push him out. i go inside and sit down. >> then, the intruder tried to get in through the back door, so sean grabbed his guitar. why a guitar? >> that was the first thing i picked up, it was next to my chair. hit him a few times. >> sean hit this intruder so hard that it broke his guitar in two. the intruder then fell all the way down these stairs. knocked unconscious, he just layed on the ground until police showed up about ten minutes later. >> it took them in the ambulance and they left. >> man was 32-year-old john m
's attorney tells us it was an overwelming couple of days for police in montgomery county. not only did they solve this murder of 12-year-old jessica, but also found the body of 11- year-old william mcquain. that happened on this very same day. >> two very similar stories. >>> tonight, police have new evidence in that william mcquain case. it's a chilling new video tape that puts curtis lopez and the 11-year-old boy together just a few feet from where police found the boy's body. bruce leshan has the new details. >> reporter: police back on clarksburg road, looking for the precise spot where his stepfather allegedly murdered 11-year-old william mcquain. they found william's body off a dirt lane, next to a farm field. >> may have occurred right there at that scene. >> police found william's body just maybe 50 feet or so back in the woods right here. this surveillance tape shows him and his father here at the gas pump. william gets out of the car, rides around on his little wheelie shoes. his dad goes inside, pays $20 for the gas, gets back in the car. drives off. the question, whether
is that significant? we will tell you at 6:00. >> amazing stuff. a great legal lesson for all of us. thank you. >>> we should mention andrea has been updating the latest from the courtroom throughout the day on facebook and twitter. follow her and all the developments in the lululemon murder trial by logging on to wusa9.com. >>> a car crashes into a yard and bursts into flames and police find the driver shot behind the wheel i. happened at 17th and monroe in northeast. the man who lives there says the car came crashing through the fence then caught fire. police say the driver was shot before he crashed. he is in the hospital with critical injuries. police don't know why this happened or what was behind it. >>> three workers had to be pulled to safety after their scaffolding gave way this morning. the men dangled about 100 feet in the air until help arrived. this was at an office building in the 6,000 block of montrose road in rockville. none of the men were hurt. it appears the scaffolding motor failed. >>> a congressional report out today finds sulaimon brown was not directly promised a city job. the
. this is shocking. >> and again, huge anxiety here because police have reported to us again, that child has not been seen for going on two weeks. last seen on august 30. so the child still missing despite the estranged husband being in custody in north carolina. amber alert is out. the child described as a light skinned african american boy, 5 feet tall. weighs 85-pounds. they are looking for him tonight. reporting live in rockville, scott broom, 9 justice 9news now. >> william mcquain is a 6th grader at mlk middle school. hasn't been seen since september 30. and this is a school that within just the last few hours began explaning his disappearance to the students, the parents, and the staff there. andrea mccarren spent the day at the school now and joins us live with some details. andrea. >> reporter: well lesli, we now know that william mcquain last attended classes here on friday, september 30. we have more information on why the school did not report him missing earlier than when police went to his mother's home yesterday. but first, i want to tell you about an interesting phone con
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